The Energy Advocates mission is to educate the American public about its vital energy industry and energy policy issues in a balanced and unbiased manner.

Since 1974, The Energy Advocates have been committed to sharing the truth on energy issues. The issues that face the energy industry are economic, environmental and involve matters of national security.

Our goal is to raise public awareness and change the public’s perception of the importance of our industry. For too long the news media and other organizations have painted a misleading and false picture of the energy industry. The Energy Advocates continues to educate the public, while improving the industry’s image. This is accomplished through forums, community involvement, speeches, seminars, lunches, quarterly newsletter, media coverage, annual policy conferences and through this website.

Energy is a basic requirement of life. Our quality of life is dependent upon the development of all forms of energy, and the conservation of our natural resources. The facts are clear: energy production and consumption work in concert with the environment.

The Energy Advocates believe in the basic principle that “Nothing Moves Without Energy”. The organization is passionate about presenting the public with facts and solutions to the tough questions on the energy issues that face the United States. Another objective is keeping the membership and general public informed of the changing legislative, environmental and economic issues that impact the energy industry. As the global demands for energy from natural resources respond to social, economic and environmental factors, it is important to continue to inform and enlighten the public about the need for a vibrant energy industry.